IoT on AWS

Big “Things” happen in the Cloud.

Big “Things” happen in the Cloud.

Focusing on the right information, setting up a systematic on-field data collection, and organizing ingestion to the Cloud are prerequisites for extracting value from data.beSharp designs Cloud infrastructures for highly scalable IoT applications, enabling you to interface all your devices with the AWS Cloud in the most efficient, secure and high-performing way possible.

Value extraction drives innovation

Many people think of IoT as something “magic”: install device -> generate data -> get value.  Easy!
Well, not really.

So, what makes an IoT project actually work? Well, someone like us 😅

We help customers identify what data to collect and at what granularity, so that they can take full advantage of the Cloud and its features, with the right trade-off between cost and benefit.

Our Solutions Architects will be “technology brokers” in your project: thanks to a deep knowledge of the devices, transmission protocols, SDKs, and AWS services for Ingestion and analytics such as Amazon Kinesis, AWS Storage Gateway, AWS IoT Greengrass, and AWS IoT FleetWise, they will help you implement the best communication strategy from field to Cloud and back.

A bi-directional data flow will allow you to develop features such as auto-update, remote maintenance, and rolling update to test, enhance, and release in production updates and new versions securely across a large number of devices in the field.

We will guide your team in implementing event-driven IoT architectures based on Serverless and fully-managed services such as AWS IoT Core, AWS Lambda and Amazon SQS.

In case of additional retrofitting logic needs, our Cloud Experts will work alongside your IT for developing the necessary code, leveraging specific, lightweight, and efficient languages and protocols like MQTT

From field, to Cloud

We enable all companies, even the most traditional ones, to quickly achieve results that they could not reach before. Special environmental conditions, lack of connectivity, or particularly large volumes of data do not intimidate us. We can advise you on networking tools for data collection that work in any condition, from advanced networking configurations to minimize latency and inefficiency in transferring information to the cloud, to in-transit and at-rest data protection, to the implementation of edge computing services that facilitate pre-processing and real-time ingestion.

With a well-structured IoT project, you can pave the way for exploring scenarios such as Business Intelligence, AI, Data Analytics, and advanced Machine Learning model development.

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