Quality policy

The Quality Policy is the direct reflection of the Vision, Mission, objectives and corporate values.

“How much could we gain in terms of efficiency, leaving the bureaucracy behind us to embrace a new virtuous and agile model that knows how to run at the speed of our ambitions?”

from Vision

“We invest in the updating, training and growth of each of our collaborators: their realization, both personal and professional, is the real added value for us and for our customers’ projects.”

from the Mission

“We want to be the reference point for Italian companies that want to implement Cloud solutions with Amazon Web Services.

We want to collaborate with the most technologically advanced companies, to be able to develop innovative products and services, constantly increasing our skills and competences.

We want to grow as people and as a team, aware of the extraordinary goals that can be achieved thanks to mutual trust and teamwork. “

by the Goals

“Always aim for the best solution, avoid the alibis and compromises of convenience.

Study and learn new things with passion, whenever you have the opportunity. “

from the Values

We want to achieve these goals by applying the quality system processes, measuring their results against the objectives and applying the improvements that are identified.

To obtain these results, the Company Management undertakes to:

  • provide the resources necessary to achieve the objectives;
  • pursuing the satisfaction of the customer, partners and other interested parties;
  • ensure continuous improvement;
  • ensure compliance with mandatory legislation.

The Board of Directors defined the quality policy and made it known to all employees.