AWS beStarter

What is it

AWS beStarter is the operational on-boarding package offered by beSharp to start your first project on Amazon Web Services. It makes it easy to take the first steps on AWS through the creation of a Proof-of-Concept you can identify together with our Cloud Experts.

What is included

It includes the opening and configuration of the AWS account and the VPC according to the security and governance best practices. All the consultancy and training activities necessary to validate the idea and estimate the technical and economic effort are part of the package with a view to the project’s next steps.

Why choose it

beStarter is the essence of the experience gained by our Cloud Experts in more than ten years of activity spent in launching innovative projects on AWS. With a hands-on approach and on-the-job training, we’ll guide you through all the preliminary activities necessary to help you start your first AWS project the best way possible.

Get started on Amazon Web Services now: build your first project with AWS beStarter.

Get started on Amazon Web Services now: build your first project with AWS beStarter.

Being able to demonstrate the feasibility of a new innovative IT project quickly is essential to evaluate the return on investment objectively. The initial stages of analysis, the identification of the most suitable tools, and the training of your team can be uncertain and expensive. To meet the challenges arising along with the adoption of the AWS Cloud, beSharp has developed AWS beStarter. With AWS beStarter you can easily break down the barriers to the adoption of Amazon Web Services Cloud services and accelerate your company’s Cloud Journey. beSharp’s Cloud Experts will help you identify a project to be implemented through a proof-of-concept. They will support your team in its implementation, while training it to the best practices of using AWS services. The AWS beStarter package includes all the operating activities for the on-boarding on AWS such as the opening of the AWS account, the correct configuration of accesses and permissions according to AWS security best practices, the design, and implementation of the Landing Zone, of the environments and networking landscape and other start-up activities, all provided by beSharp AWS Professional certified DevOps with a hands-on approach. At the end of the activities included in the beStarter package, you will be able to independently evaluate the essential strategic aspects of developing a new Cloud project on AWS. By comparing the proof-of-concept with your company objectives and KPIs, you will be able to use it both as a feasibility study for the deployment of the solution and as a benchmark for future similar projects. Furthermore, your IT team will be ready to master the fundamental aspects of a correct development on AWS and be prepared to proceed independently with the implementation of further project developments. Over 80% of the proof-of-concept created thanks to the AWS beStarter have been further developed by our client companies, evolving into strategic corporate assets. Our success stories include the creation of an Industry 4.0 platform with Amada Engineering Europe, and the Data Ingestion Fintech solution with Banor SIM.

By creating your first AWS project with AWS beStarter and the beSharp Cloud Experts you can:

  • Start on Amazon Web Services on the right foot, supported by a team of AWS Professional certified experts;
  • Identify the PoC that best suits the characteristics of your business guided by our Cloud Experts;
  • Realize the most useful quick-win according to your business needs and customize them to meet your business objectives.
  • Benefit from operational onboarding and all the advantages of a kind of training which goes beyond simple theory;
  • Minimize the risks and uncertainty associated with the creation of a new solution or a change in technological paradigm through the PoC;
  • Get familiar with AWS management tools such as AWS console, SDK and CLI;
  • Learn how to master the most used AWS services;
  • Estimate the consumption costs of the fully operational infrastructure;
  • Halve the time-to-market of the finished product.
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