Data Analytics on AWS

What is it

Data Analytics on AWS is beSharp’s solution to guide you in designing, implementing, and managing Data Analytics infrastructures and Pipelines on Amazon Web Services.

How does it work

beSharp’s Cloud Experts will put at your disposal their experience and technical skills in the manipulation of data and data ingestion, ETL, and data visualization services to provide you with the most suitable infrastructure for your Data Analytics projects.

Why choose it

Thanks to the Amazon Web Services Cloud mastery and the expertise gained in data manipulation, beSharp enables you to quickly process the data that matters the most to your business and extract the maximum value from them in the shortest possible time.

Data Analytics on AWS

Data Analytics on AWS

In recent years, the high availability of information and the lower acquisition cost have profoundly changed companies’ approach to data.

However, choosing the right tools and the correct strategy for extracting value from large and uneven datasets remains one of the main challenges for businesses.

beSharp, AWS Premier Consulting Partner, is an expert in designing, implementing, and managing Data Analytics infrastructures and Pipelines on Amazon Web Services.

Data Analytics on AWS with beSharp

By relying on beSharp, you will get the best solution to support your Data Analytics project on AWS, whatever the sources and the amount of data to be collected and analyzed.

The knowledge of the Amazon Web Services Cloud and the expertise gained in data manipulation through data ingestion, ETL, and data visualization services, make beSharp the perfect partner to guide you in implementing the most effective Data Analytics infrastructure. This allows you to extract the maximum value from your data in the shortest possible time.

Data Analytics Pipelines

A structured data analysis opens the way to numerous scenarios such as Business Intelligence, HPC, Data Warehousing, and the training of complex Machine Learning models. 

beSharp guides you through the implementation of Data Analytics Pipelines specific to your use case, allowing you to automate critical activities such as ingestion, transformation, and data protection.

Data Ingestion

In this phase, beSharp’s Cloud Expert team will carry out all the preparatory activities such as preprocessing and prestoring, transfer optimization, encryption, and security best practices verification. Afterward, through services such as Amazon Kinesis, AWS storage Gateway, AWS IoT Core, and AWS IoT Greengrass, data will be transferred from sources such as IoT devices, probes, sensors, web API, or any other source to the Cloud, both in batches from the on-premise, and through real-time streaming of data based on your specific business need.

ETL e Data Preparation

The beSharp team will build the infrastructure for the hosting of your ETL (extraction, transformation, and loading) flow so that it is always ready to respond efficiently to all stages – information processing, cleaning, and normalization – and to accommodate new information with adequate storage. Furthermore, integrating services such as AWS Cloudformation, AWS CodePipeline, AWS CodeCommit, AWS CodeBuild, and AWS CodeDeploy, allows you to automate the entire ETL flow.

Data Lake

One of the most critical aspects of Data Analytics concerns the perfect storage service to store data prepared by the ETL process and build the Data Lake. beSharp lets you always benefit from the most performing, durable, scalable, and secure storage at a minimal cost possible, thanks to its mastery of features like data access frequency, intelligent tiering, and data access policies offered by services such as AWS Lake Formation and Amazon S3.

Data Visualization

Exposing analyzed data to services like Amazon QuickSight in the right way allows you to create effective visualization tools and interactive dashboards. In this way, you will enable your teams to read and interpret information, whatever their role in the company and without specific Data Analytics technical skills.

By setting up your Data Analytics project on AWS with beSharp:

  • You’ll get a solution that is seamlessly integrated with all the processes, tools, and data sources you use every day to generate and collect information.
  • You’ll be able to extract the maximum value possible from the data that matters most to your business in time to stay competitive.
  • You’ll benefit from all the typical Cloud model advantages applied to high-performance Data Analytics, such as storage tiering, parallel processing, and fail and retry capabilities.
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