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Entrust the management of your Cloud services to the Italian AWS specialists.

Entrust the management of your Cloud services to the Italian AWS specialists.

Minimize your AWS infrastructure management efforts with beSharp’s AWS Managed Services: free up time for your core business and ensure the highest level of uptime for your mission-critical services.

A team of AWS experts will take care of all the aspects of the management of your infrastructure, from high availability to scalability, from proactive monitoring to patching and update activities, from backup to Disaster Recovery. By entrusting the management of your AWS infrastructure to beSharp, you can reduce critical interventions by 60% on average during the first year.

Through the DevOps methodologies, we ensure that our AWS Managed Services respond at all times to the agreed SLA in compliance with your company policies. We continuously carry out maintenance and updating activities, ensuring that your infrastructures are always in line with the AWS Well-Architected framework, according to the best practices of management, safety, and optimization of performance and costs, in a logic of continuous improvement.

Our AWS Managed Services combine the best of our solutions on AWS: the periodic review of the architectures as per Well-architected Review, the DevOps methodologies, and the automation techniques, such as Configuration Management and infrastructure versioning through Infrastructure-as-Code. We also provide Managed Security services following the DevSecOps paradigm through the monitoring and proactive 24/7 support. Also, with the Resell service – Solution Provider Program – you only need to interface with beSharp as the unique provider of all your Cloud services at a flat rate, including unlimited support.

Thanks to beSharp’s AWS Managed Services:

  • You can forget about the management of your Cloud infrastructure, and you interface with a single supplier that guarantees you the service delivery, 24/7 monitoring, and unlimited support, all at a flat rate.
  • You maximize the uptime of your mission-critical services on AWS, ensuring high availability, scalability, and security management according to the DevSecOps paradigm.
  • According to the Well-architected framework of AWS, you ensure the constant optimization of the performance of your Cloud infrastructure.
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