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Turn your Cloud projects on AWS into action with beSharp Cloud Experts.

Turn your Cloud projects on AWS into action with beSharp Cloud Experts.

Define in detail the Cloud Adoption path of your company, increase the skills of your team, and speed up the delivery of your Cloud projects thanks to the AWS Professional Services of beSharp.

Our AWS Professional Services help you integrate the Cloud paradigm into your business model and enable your company to use AWS services: our certified AWS experts support your team to create innovative Cloud projects by integrating DevOps methodologies. Each project is made up of a series of customized AWS consultancy, documentation, and on-the-job training activities that reflect our experience in supporting hundreds of customers on their way to the Cloud.

With the beSharp AWS Professional Services, you get the AWS consultancy you need to define every aspect of the adoption of Cloud services, from cost estimates to the most advanced networking and security configurations. Based on an in-depth analysis of each use case, we design automated, scalable, and resilient Cloud infrastructures, in line with the best practices of the AWS Well-architected Framework, based on the DevOps paradigms of Infrastructure Automation and Continuous Delivery.

beSharp AWS Professional Services collect the solutions developed to support each moment of the Cloud adoption path: from the preliminary analysis to the realization of a proof-of-concept with the AWS beStarter consultancy package, from the planning to the execution of migrations with the Cloud Migration on AWS service, from the periodic review of the infrastructures with the AWS Well-architected Review to the DevOps on AWS best practices for the delivery and management of Cloud architectures.

In addition, beSharp is an APN Training Partner; our experienced Solutions Architects can train your team on the use of AWS Cloud services both with personalized on-the-job training and by providing all the official AWS courses aimed at the AWS certification exams.

Thanks to beSharp’s AWS Professional Services:

  • You define in detail your Cloud Adoption Strategy and Cloud architectures projects according to the best practices of AWS Well-architected Framework.
  • You save time and optimize resources Realize your Cloud projects on AWS saving time and optimizing resources thanks to automation, exploiting Infrastructure-as-Code DevOps methodologies.
  • You benefit from advanced skills and expertise gained in hundreds of Cloud projects on AWS, you add expert resources to your team, and increase their skills thanks to training.
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