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Seat Pagine Gialle

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Seat Pagine Gialle is the largest local advertising agency in Italy. The company now boasts over 100 Media Agencies distributed throughout the country and collaborates with the main publishing and web companies.

Among the services offered to its customers, SeatPG provides hosting to customer sites, web application development and Business Intelligence and Big Data Analysis solutions.


  • Speed up development times and optimize costs,so as to boost business productivity.
  • Overcome the limits of the old,rigid, barely-automated legacy infrastructure which was thus difficult to manage.
  • Free the DevOps team from tasks such as capacity planning, backup, hardware update management and all activities with low added value.


  • Implementation of an automated hybrid infrastructure,orchestrated using opensource tools
  • Adoption of services such as Amazon Route 53 for the advanced management of DNS, Amazon CloudFront for a very low latency distribution of content AWS Certificate Manager to instantly obtain SSL certificates.
  • Use of Amazon EC2 to get computing power, Amazon S3 for durable, reliable and efficient storage and spotinstances for maximum cost optimization.



Thanks to the new hybrid infrastructure, the DevOps team is now able to develop applications in a few days,create ready-to-use prototypes and enable https in a matter of minutes, as well as obtain and use SSL certificates in just a few clicks.


Thanks to the automatic provisioning of resources, SeatPG has obtained a reduction in TCO and production costs. Horizontal and vertical scalability has led to an increase in performance with a marked reduction in calculation times.


With the adoption of the Cloud, the company eliminated the risk of technology lock-in,reduced the costs of generating Tuttocittà maps by 80% and reduced development times by 90%. The agency obtained an RTO of a few minutes and an RPO of zero.


beSharp accompanied SeatPG along the entire Cloud migration process, according to the best practices indicated in the AWS Well-Architected Framework.

Based on SeatPG's business needs, beSharp created a hybrid architecture, obtained from the combination of AWS services with services provided through the pre-existing data center, all orchestrated and automated using open-source tools.

Geographical redundancy has ensured very high uptime levels, while the granularity of the infrastructure allowed a strong level of customization.

beSharp's Cloud Experts joined the internal development team during the project's implementation, and used on-the-job trainingto allow the team to independently manage the new infrastructure.

Download the Case Study (pdf)

  • AWS Certificate Manager
  • CloudFront
  • EC2
  • Route 53
  • S3


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Seat Pagine Gialle
Case Study - beSharp with SeatPG

speak with an Expert! Contact us at +39-339-7816800