Building SaaS on AWS

What is it

Building SaaS on AWS is the set of beSharp best practices for the development of SaaS solutions on AWS. It is designed to assist companies in defining the strategy and in developing and delivering Software-as-a-Service based on Amazon Web Services.

How does it work

beSharp Cloud Experts help you design and implement the optimal architecture to ensure maximum scalability, security, and performance. Our developers will join your IT team to develop your SaaS solution faster.

Why choose it

beSharp is one of the few in the world to be selected as an AWS SaaS Competency Partner. Our team has excellent experience in creating SaaS on AWS. beSharp Cloud Experts can guide you both during the strategy definition and the design and development activities.

Building SaaS on AWS

Building SaaS on AWS

In recent years, the interest in Software-as-a-Service has grown exponentially: more and more companies – even those whose core business is not the IT itself – have integrated their offer with digital services provided via SaaS, to meet the customers’ demand. As an AWS SaaS Competency Partner beSharp has developed a great deal of experience in helping them develop the know-how needed to deliver SaaS products on AWS, making the most of the advantages of this paradigm. Working side by side with our Cloud Expert team allows you to define the best strategy for successfully designing and developing a Software-as-a-Service on AWS. Moreover, you’ll be able to reduce the refactoring and migration effort.

Developing a SaaS on AWS with beSharp

beSharp is one of the few AWS Partners in the world to have obtained recognition in both SaaS Competency categories: Design Services recognizing expertise for the design and implementation of Cloud infrastructures for SaaS architectures, and Builders recognizing expertise in the development of multi-tenant software for the SaaS. Our Cloud Experts team can guide you both in the building of a SaaS from scratch and in a Cloud-native oriented refactoring of existing legacy applications; it will support you during the whole SaaS adoption path, from the strategy definition to the development and delivery of the solution. Our AWS Professional Services help you in understanding the SaaS delivery model and in defining the best SaaS adoption strategy. With the agility as a common thread between business and technical choices, we will guide you in adopting the application architecture and the most suitable multi-tenant pattern to ensure scalability, security, and isolation of your users’ resources. Our AWS Native Development team has created dozens of applications on AWS: we can work alongside your Dev team to speed up SaaS solutions development, introducing advanced paradigms such as Microservices, Serverless, and DevOps. Infrastructure-as-Code Best practices and the use of Configuration Management tools make it easier to deliver scalable infrastructures, while Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment pipelines allow frequent micro-releases in different environment simultaneously. beSharp Cloud Experts support your team at every stage of the project and share their experience to make you developers independent in operations and future evolutions. Once the solution is developed, you can entrust the management of your SaaS on AWS to our AWS Managed Services, which guarantee you monitoring and 24/7 support. Otherwise, you can plan to take part in one of our official AWS courses lead by our AWS certified instructors for training.

By developing Software-as-a-Service on AWS with beSharp:

  • You define the right strategy, choose the most suitable multi-tenant pattern, and design the best architecture to ensure maximum scalability, security, and highest performance for your application.
  • You support your developers with expert resources during the creation of SaaS on AWS and speed up the development of new solutions or the refactoring of legacy applications in a Cloud-native perspective.
  • You can rely on the expertise of an AWS SaaS Competency Partner, which supports you in defining the strategy and in developing and delivering your Software-as-a app -Service.
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