Practices used
AWS services involved
  • Amazon Athena
  • Amazon Pinpoint
  • Amazon Quicksight
  • Amazon S3
  • Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS)
  • AWS Cloudwatch
  • AWS Glue DataBrew
  • AWS Key Management Service (KMS)
  • AWS Lambda
From Data to Value

DUNED is the DUNE Tech Companies business unit specialized in Data Management and Data Insights. It accelerates customers’ Digital Transformation by helping them to turn Insights into Actionable Insights.

The customer was willing to improve its marketing automation flows by taking advantage of Whatsapp as one of the most-used media channels to date. Duned chose beSharp to integrate Whatsapp for business into its marketing channels ecosystem seamlessly. Due to the growing number of data sources, a new and more efficient customer intelligence engine was needed to effectively ingest and analyze an increasing amount of data from heterogeneous sources.

The Challenge

  • Setting up an AWS-based Amazon Pinpoint – Whatsapp for business integration without applying significant changes to the existing IT infrastructure or writing off Amazon Pinpoint as the primary marketing communications service.
  • Creating a Data Lake out of structured data relying on a secure and cost-effective data storage service and enforcing data privacy and governance.
  • Implementing a data visualization system so that non-technical figures can easily read and use the huge amount of data gathered daily without any external assistance.

The Solution

  • Custom integration of Whatsapp for business leveraging on Amazon Pinpoint custom channel and AWS Lambda and Improvement of data security through AWS Key Management Service (KMS) for at-rest data encryption and data privacy enforcement.
  • Setup of a Data ingestion Pipeline gleaning from Amazon Pinpoint data through the use of: Amazon Cloudwatch Rules for data ingestion scheduling, an Amazon SQS queue triggering as many AWS Lambda functions as necessary for effective messages processing, AWS Glue DataBrew for data preparation, and Amazon S3 as a scalable and cost-effective storage service hosting the Data Lake. Amazon Athena was also implemented to allow focused query on the Data Lake for specific marketing actions.
  • Creation of custom interactive Amazon Quicksight Dashboards for easy Data visualization and fast insights sharing across different business units for analysis and Business Intelligence purposes.

The Benefits


Duned is one of the very first Italian companies able to benefit from a custom Amazon Pinpoint – Whatsapp for business integration. Thanks to this new marketing channel, a lot of new data has become accessible, releasing new and more precise segments and audiences definition. Now it is easier for the Company to build loyalty with customers, as they can now meet them on one of the most-used social media platforms.


Thanks to the new event-driven infrastructure based on serverless and fully managed AWS services, Duned team finally got rid of scheduling, data preparation, manual querying, data visualization, and infrastructure management tasks. This allowed the marketing team to better focus on long term strategy. Data Ingestion and Analytics became faster, more performant, and cost-effective.

Productivity Enablement

The newly implemented solution enabled data-driven marketing at scale. It allowed the Duned team to lead extremely targeted marketing activities resulting in a doubled conversion rate. Marketing specialists can now easily visualize and analyze information to instantly extract value from it.

About beSharp and AWS

beSharp has worked with Duned to set up a custom AWS-based Amazon Pinpoint – Whatsapp for business integration perfectly merged with the customer’s existing data analytics flow. beSharp Cloud Experts implemented a Data Ingestion Pipeline in line with the DevOps best practices and in full compliance with the AWS Well-Architected Framework. The power of the AWS services for Data and Analytics and beSharp’s expertise in designing, building, and implementing new solutions on the AWS Cloud, allowed Duned to reduce both the time dedicated to manual infrastructure management and tuning and the need for IT experts helping the marketing team to extract value from data.

Case Study

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