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Plan, Realise, Operate: our secret is known as the PRO method.

Plan, to design every part of your project, down to the smallest detail. Realise, to rapidly transform any project into something concrete. Operate, to be able to give you the support of the best Cloud Experts around quickly, whenever you may need it.
Need to build a Cloud infrastructure with Amazon Web Services, develop Cloud Native software, or need a fully-managed service with 24/7 assistance? beSharp has a custom solution for you!

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Cloud Development

Develop your software with a Cloud-native approach.

The Cloud engineers at beSharp create your software by making the most of every single Cloud building block (Object Storage, Auto-scaling, Code, Events, CDN…) to make your applications reliable, secure and high-performance, ready to manage all the users that will flood in as soon as your project gets off the ground.

Create your software with beSharp and:

  • scale from 0 to millions of users, ensuring the highest possible performance
  • stay in control of costs
  • eliminate downtime
  • reduce response times
  • increase reliability
  • reach your users around the world thanks to geographical distribution
  • slash your development and testing infrastructure costs
  • federate your users from Facebook, Google and all major social networks
  • synchronise your application across platforms and devices

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Cloud Architectures
The infrastructure created in your image and likeness. Find out more
Cloud Consulting
We will always be on hand to help you out or advise you. Find out more

Our success stories


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