DevOps on AWS

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The advantages of a DevOps approach

Adopting a DevOps approach lets you have more agile processesthat adapt to external changes better and enhance the efficiency of your development and operation teams, speeding up innovation. DevOps lets you improve your services faster than your competitors using traditional software development processes.

Embracing this model requires an evolved corporate mentality and culture.

Il team di Cloud Expert di beSharp ti guida nell’adozione delle best practice DevOps, abbattendo le barriere che separano il tuo team di sviluppo da quello delle operation. Grazie ai servizi managed AWS potrai automatizzare l’intero ciclo di vita del software garantendo la massima velocità dei rilasci applicativi e mantenere il controllo totale sui tuoi servizi, riducendo la possibilità di errore umano secondo il moderno approccio “security-by-design” DevSecOps approach..

Grazie ad un training on-the-job, introdurremo ai tuoi sviluppatori e ai tuoi addetti alle operation i servizi AWS che permetteranno loro di operare fianco a fianco, integrating their workflows throughout the application life-cycle,, da sviluppo e testing fino a distribuzione e produzione.

Automation, simplification and timely process control let you more efficiently perform all the activities that have required the involvement of all the technical teams of your company up to now, thereby maximizing the productivity of developers and the reliability of operations. Execution times will be optimized,for example by reducing handover times and by consciously writing code for the environment on which it will be executed.

Adopt a DevOps approach with beSharp and AWS

AWS ti mette a disposizione tutti i servizi che ti servono per sviluppare e distribuire il tuo software in modo rapido e affidabile. beSharp, in qualità di AWS DevOps Competency Partner, ti guida passo a passo nell’implementazione delle best practice DevOps nel modo che più si adatta alla tua azienda, dando ai tuoi tecnici tutti gli strumenti per automatizzare e ottimizzare sviluppo software e processi di controllo dell’infrastruttura.

By adopting a Continuous Deployment and Continuous Integration pipeline, you can increase the frequency of updates and reduce their size. This also lets you reduce risk by speeding up bug fixes, because it is easier to identify the issue that caused the problem.

The adoption of aa microservices architecture lets you break down monolithic applications into individual independent components, each of which has only one function. This reduces the work required to update the applications and better integrates the written code with the infrastructure on which it is run.

Infrastructure automation and configuration management help maintain flexibility in accessing Cloud resources and, at the same time, offer granular control at the individual service level. Monitoring and logging help your technicians monitor the performance of your applications and infrastructure,preventing potential problems and prompty responding when the need arises.

What we do

  • Continuous Integration on AWS
  • Continuous Deployment on AWS
  • Microservices
  • Infrastructure-as-code
  • Monitoring and Logging


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speak with an Expert! Contact us at +39-339-7816800