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on AWS

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Bring your IT services to the Cloud and free all your energy for your core business.

Reset the time between your ideas and their implementation. A cloud infrastructure on AWS ensures enterprise performance with the agility of a start-up and gives your company the utmost time and energy savings in managing your IT services.

Bringing you to the Cloud is our job.

Migrating your applications to the Cloud can transform your business. However, being able to count on a strategy that has been studied down to the last detail and on the most prepared resources to complete the task are fundamental aspects. beSharp's Cloud Expert team has planned and carried out hundreds of migrations on AWS: our experience is essential for shortening the time needed, avoiding problems and minimizing downtime.

Migrating to the Cloud guarantees you the agility, scalability and speed that a legacy IT doesn't offer.

The Cloud gives you access to virtually unlimited resources and a multitude of services for processing, storage, databases, continuous integration, analysis and artificial intelligence.

Thanks to the on demand and pay-as-you-go model you can immediately have the resources you need,paying only for what you actually use.

There are so many good reasons to migrate to the Cloud;here are a few of the best ones:

Greater agility

Using the Cloud lets you react to sudden changes more quickly.The automatic scalability of Cloud services means that you can reach all your users in all conditions, coping with traffic peaks and increasing requests.

Greater productivity

The Cloud eliminates the provisioning time for infrastructure and services. Furthermore, the great availability of ready-to-use services avoids having to develop and maintain proprietary solutions. The adoption of Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration pipelines means that developers can exponentially increase the number of software releases. After migrating to the Cloud, there is an average increase in productivity from 30 to 50%.

Operational resilience

Adopting an appropriately designed Cloud infrastructure lets you reduce the risks of downtime and disservices. Choosing a provider like AWS guarantees the highest level of certification for an IT infrastructure.

Replacement of CapEx with OpEx

The on demand and pay-as-you-go model lets you only pay for the resources you actually use, , all in relation to your business model. Pricing is transparent, and you always know how much you'll spend on your services.

Lower management costs

More agile management in an environment that is completely under your control lets you reduce the costs related to the maintenance and procurement of IT resources, even up to 70%.

The migration process

beSharp supports you in every phase of the migration process,first to understand your applications, identify your technological and business objectives and design a path for adopting Cloud services: this will all help you best take advantage of all the potential offered by AWS.

Our AWS-certified Cloud Expert team can transform your IT infrastructure into a strategic asset, with the elasticity, resilience and scalability needed to accelerate your business growth.

We follow a process that guarantees the continuity of all your services,with minimum or zero downtime throughout the migration to AWS.


Our team analyzes your case and develops a Cloud migration plan based on your applications, your current infrastructure and your short and long-term goals.

Discovery & Planning

We then explore the features of your application architecture, integrations and dependencies to to identify the best migration strategy for each application depending on your goals. From simple lift-and-shift to complex re-engineering, we can suggest the best path for your Cloud journey every time.


We take care of the planning, migration and validation of each application in order to accelerate your transition to the Cloud and guarantee scalability, agility and resilience. We carry out hot migrations, without any downtime or having to interrupt services.


We follow the entire process from migration to daily operations, supporting your team with on-the-job training until you can autonomously manage your new Cloud infrastructure. We implement a modern management system that lets you save on the costs for managing your IT services.

Migrate to AWS with beSharp's Cloud Experts

Our Cloud Experts have dealt with faced dozens and dozens of migrations on AWS since 2011 , from simple lift-and-shifts (rehosting) to the complete re-engineering of applications in Cloud Native logic (refactoring & re-architecting). Thanks to this immense experience, we have developed best practices and automation techniques to make your migration fast and secure.

But migrating to the Cloud is just the beginning.

Even the best-planned migrations require optimizing and managing the new infrastructure, and our task is precisely to continue to guarantee the solidity and development of all your services.

After your migration, the beSharp team will be by your side to keep your environments agile and safe, control costs and continue to introduce technological innovations that let you take on the challenges and opportunities that the market presents.

Our Managed Services offer a full range of operational support and strategic consulting services.. With our 24/7 support service you can also guarantee your applications day and night, 365 days a year.


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speak with an Expert! Contact us at +39-339-7816800