Building SaaS on AWS

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AWS SaaS Enablement

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model offers an agile, flexible and efficient software delivery model leveraging on multi-tenant architectures based on microservices. SaaS provides customers with easy access, on a subscription basis, to hosted software centrally managed by a SaaS provider.

Building SaaS with beSharp and AWS

beSharp is a leading partner on guiding companies – from enterprise to ISV, from System Integrations to startups - through the whole SaaS Delivery Model adoption.

The deep expertise across all Cloud models - from the more classic ones, to newest paradigms - together with the ability to master both the whole AWS services range and technical pillars like security, scalability, automation, performance e cost optimization, allowed beSharp to draw up its own SaaS Application Framework, coming from the experience gained during thousands of successfully led SaaS AWS projects.

beSharp’s Cloud Experts provide customers with Design Services by taking care of the design phase of the solution, they play as Builders as well, by taking responsibility for the implementation phase or they carry out the whole SaaS delivery model adoption process by handling both the design and the building phases, according to the SaaS best practices.

Going SaaS with beSharp, the best way:


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speak with an Expert! Contact us at +39-339-7816800