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Compare your Cloud infrastructure with AWS best practices.

Are you getting the most out of your AWS services?

There are fundamental assumptions in the development of Cloud architectures and services that make it possible to avoid certain problems relating to efficiency, reliability and scalability.

This is why AWS has created the Well-Architected Framework, a set of best practices that help you build secure, resilient and high-performing Cloud infrastructures.

As a partner in the Well-Architected Review program,beSharp can carry out a thorough evaluation of your environments, assessing them according to the five pillars of the AWS framework. Comparing your services with best practices will provide you with a series of immediately implementable indications on how to maximize the full potential offered by AWS.

A structured approach to Cloud architecture optimization

Our Cloud Expert team uses a Well-Architected Review to provide you with indispensable information regarding security, reliability, performance, management optimization and spending on your Cloud services.

Together with a strategic consulting session, you will receive guidance on the immediately applicable corrective actions, along with a priority list for more structured projects which will help you make the most of AWS services depending on your type of business. You can:

  • Learn to reduce risks before they occur
  • Learn implementation best practices
  • Create a consistent and repeatable approach to reviewing AWS infrastructures
  • Focus attention on high added value features
  • Facilitate the design of future architectures

According to the pillars of the Well-Architected Framework, we will analyze your infrastructure from five fundamental perspectives: operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimization.

Benefits of an AWS Well-Architected Review

Thanks to beSharp's Cloud Experts' extensive experience carrying out Well-Architected Reviews and implementing Cloud projects, you accelerate the evolution of your applications and make the most of AWS services. We will provide a detailed picture of all the aspects that merit attention and help you define the priorities for improving your infrastructures according to your specific case.

With a Well-Architected Review:

  • You get the solution to the most urgent problems and a roadmap of priority actions for providing immediate and quantifiable improvements in terms of costs, safety, reliability, operational excellence and performance efficiency.
  • You stay up to date with the new features introduced by the new AWS services. Some could immediately resolve your problems, such as costs.
  • Receive more details from a technical and business point of view as to how a modern Cloud infrastructure can give you an advantage on the market, such as better customer experience, faster go-to-market, greater scalability and much more.
  • Address security and compliance issues before they cause problems.

The experience of our Cloud Experts at the service of your services

beSharp is one of the first AWS partners in the world to be certified in the Well-Architected Review program. With dozens of Reviews under their belt, beSharp's Cloud Experts have extensive experience analyzing AWS infrastructures: we have noted that in over 96% of cases, a Well-Architected Review highlights critical security issues.

In addition, beSharp's Cloud Experts are AWS Professionals with multiple certificates and are immediately available to implement any action or project highlighted by the Well-Architected Review.

A Well-Architected Review in 5 steps

  1. Contact us to schedule a Review;
  2. Provide our Cloud Experts with read-only access to your AWS environment;
  3. Attend a 4-hour meeting to plan the review (in person or remotely);
  4. Discuss the findings and recommended solutions with our Cloud Experts;
  5. Work together to agree on the next steps for implementing corrective and evolutionary actions.


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speak with an Expert! Contact us at +39-339-7816800