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Serverless on AWS

No servers to manage, pay only for what you use

Building serverless application releases developers from Cloud infrastructure management issues so that they can focus on the core aspects of your business. Free from any management task, the only challenge is creating scalable and reliable applications and turn them into the best products available on the market.   

Why Serverless is good

Thanks to Cloud services such as AWS Lambda, developers are now able to deploy applications in a fully-managed environment, without worrying about managing the infrastructure anymore. This is only the first of the many reasons why serverless paradigm is growing so fast.

Serverless advantages:

  • Minimized management efforts
    Developers will focus only on application development. No management is needed to keep Cloud services up and running.


  • Scalability optimized
    Resources are automatically distributed, responding to traffic variations in a fully-managed, real-time way. There are no wasted resources or scalability tasks to be done.


  • Resources optimization
    No need to allocate computing or storage resources in advance, as they are dynamically distributed. The code is run automatically without any developers intervention on provisioning or servers management. You should only write your code and upload it to AWS Lambda.


  • Cost optimization
    Serverless applications are event-driven, so there is no charge at all for applications which are not in use. Extra resources are always stopped, so the risk of wastefulness is eliminated.


  • High availability
    Serverless architectures ensure the highest fault-tolerance possible. In this way, applications are always available.


  • Time-to-Market near zero
    With Serverless development, developers are free from management tasks. They have more time that they can dedicate to the applications development.


  • Prototyping and R&D costs minimized.


Fields of application

The high flexibility characterizing Serverless paradigm makes it suitable for many areas of application and use cases:


Back-end and scalable web application development

Serverless applications can be developed and deployed without any concerns about hosting infrastructures. The Serverless model allows developers to deploy working applications in minutes. Moreover, serverless back-ends are natively scalable and delivered through an on-demand paradigm, so that they can adapt to traffic variations and respond perfectly to the incoming requests.

Real-time computing

Efficient, well-performing real-time computing is possible thanks to Serverless. It makes straightforward to automate tasks such as resizing when uploading images or video transcoding for different target devices. Through the Serverless model, it is possible to invoke third-party services; for example, by invoking AWS Rekognition, you can quickly process images and identify potential inappropriate content.

SaaS events processing

Creating a modular application based on services provided by third-party software is easy with the Serverless approach. No function needs to be run on external systems when creating automated pipelines triggered by specific events. For example, it is possible to automate tasks on CRM tools or to trigger payment systems or management softwares.

Multi-language coding and Microservices

Serverless microservices development allows developers to combine different coding languages while building an application. Services based on new coding languages can easily integrate with legacy services. The DevOps team isn’t locked in a single coding language anymore.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)

Thanks to CI/CD pipelines, the number of deployments grows exponentially. Updates and fixing tasks can be made as frequently as needed.
There a lot of aspects that can be automated with Serverless development: each commit can start testing pipelines on its own or even trigger build and deploy tasks.

Infrastructure automation and monitoring

Lambda is the new bash.

Start developing Serverless with beSharp and AWS

AWS offers a series of managed services dedicated to Serverless development.

beSharp Cloud Experts help you in choosing and adopting these services in the best way possible and in developing your serverless applications following the best practices of this new approach. Our team operates both working side-by-side with your DevOps team, offering you an on-the-job training and taking care, instead, of the entire development process on your behalf.


Moreover, our Cloud experts can analyze your legacy application in order to provide you with a re-engineering strategy based on microservices.


beSharp can implement a Continuous Deployment and Continuous Integration Pipeline, thanks to which you can increase updates frequency and reduce sizes.

Serverless applications don’t need any kind of provisioning, maintenance or server management for back-end components and, last but not least, there is no need to worry about application fault-tolerance and availability anymore.

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