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DevOps on AWS

Start developing your applications with a new paradigm and deliver them in the fastest and most effective way possible.

DevOps approach allows you to add agility to your projects so that they can adapt quickly to external changes accelerating innovation of your business. With a DevOps approach, your development and operation teams grant more efficiency. Thanks to DevOps your company always has the edge over competitors working with traditional software development processes.

DevOps approach advantages

A mind and culture transformation is necessary to support DevOps adoption; beSharp team is here to help! Our Cloud Experts can guide you through DevOps best practices comprehension, assisting your Dev team and operation team in overcoming separations isolating each other under the old paradigm. With a DevOps approach, you can start automating slow and recurring tasks; in this way, complex environment management becomes extremely easy, and all development processes become manageable.

Through a training-on-the-job approach, beSharp introduces your team to all the AWS Cloud services they need to use to integrate Dev and Ops workflows effectively; from the testing phase to delivery and production, teams will be able to work simultaneously, side by side during the entire application lifecycle. Moreover, it becomes easy to include in developing processes every kind of working area, for example, security or quality control, getting the even more comprehensive “DevSecOps” approach.

Automation, easiness and process management control help you to complete all those complex tasks where all your company teams coworking is needed. In this way, your team productivity grows, together with operation reliability. Writing code in such an integrated environment helps developers to become completely aware of what is going on in each production area. Consequently, no handover is needed anymore, so delivery time and time-to-market are reduced.

Adopting a DevOps approach with beSharp and AWS

AWS provides you with Cloud services allowing you to deliver your software in a fast, reliable way. beSharp team helps you implement  DevOps best practices in the best way possible enabling developers to automate and optimize software development and control processes of your infrastructure.

Thanks to a Continuous Deployment and Continuous Integration pipeline, you can increase the update regularity while reducing application size. In such a scenario, identifying releases containing bugs and resolve them is easy and fast; as a consequence, risk is near zero.

In a microservices infrastructure, it is easy to break up infrastructures into independent components each one with a different function. As a consequence, developers work required for updating application is minimized and it becomes more and more integrated with the whole infrastructure environment.

The possibility to automate infrastructures and to manage their configuration ensures elasticity while accessing to Cloud resources and, at the same time, it allows you to keep control over each service in use. Monitoring and logging are key-aspects to take advantage from. Keeping your application performance always under control ensures a quick response to errors

What we do

  • Continuous Integration on AWS
  • Continuous Deployment on AWS
  • Microservices
  • Infrastructure-as-code
  • Monitoring and Logging
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