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Implement your projects with beSharp's Cloud Experts

Adopting AWS Cloud services requires skills and tools and the services must be aligned with your business and IT strategy: the close collaboration between your team and beSharp's Cloud Experts lets you achieve extraordinary results.

beSharp's Cloud Expert team is made up of AWS certified professionals who work side by side with your staff and AWS account managers to make the delivery of your most innovative Cloud projects faster and more efficient.

Thanks to beSharp's Professional Services:

  • You have access to the advanced skills and experience acquired through hundreds of Cloud projects on AWS.
  • You add expert resources to your team and increase its skills thanks to on-the-job training.
  • You define your Cloud Adoption Framework in detail and reach your goals more quickly.

Each project followed by beSharp consists of a series of customized activities, documentation and on-the-job training which reflect our experience in supporting hundreds of customers on their path to the Cloud.

beSharp's Professional Services follow the best practices outlined by the AWS Well-Architected Framework.

The framework was developed to support solution architects in building secure, flexible, high-performance cloud infrastructures and provides a consistent approach to help you complete your projects faster and more efficiently. Furthermore, it defines a series of guidelines that let you evaluate the evolution of your Cloud infrastructure on AWS over time.

beSharp has developed a series of solutions designed to support each step of the Cloud adoption process, from the preliminary analysis to the implementation and periodic review of the IT infrastructure.



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speak with an Expert! Contact us at +39-339-7816800