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Amada Engineering Europe

Internet of really big Things


Amada is one of the global leaders in the manufacture and sale of sheet metal working machines. With over 6,000 customers and more than 3,500 machines already installed in Italy alone, the company has a leading position in this country. Amada is always looking for the most innovative technologies to provide added value to its products.

The situation

Traditionally, control of the production and status of the equipment was done through the proprietary software of each machine: operators could consult the control panel of each single device for information, but without the option for the client to get an overview of the machines in operation, nor the option to use this information for analysis and monitoring purposes. With the increasing availability of technology thanks to the spread of Cloud-based services, the need to collect data about the machines that are installed has grown: big data which, when properly processed, can provide the client with a more thorough understanding of their machines. At the same time, Amada will be able to provide maintenance and consultancy services to the client that can maintain and improve the performance of the machines they have installed.With ever-growing requests for the installation of machines, Amada’s European clients are expressing the need for smart tools to monitor the efficiency of their production lines.

Why change?

Amada Engineering Europe wants to offer its European customers an agile service that is able to adapt to the evolution of production workflows. That is why they have chosen to develop a Cloud platform capable of holding all the information from each system; the Cloud offers virtually unlimited space to store the operational data of each machine installed and the computing power to process it. Through a web console, which is viewable via browser or mobile app, the user can monitor, filter and aggregate the information collected, displaying a set of statistics that are used to show the efficiency of their production.At the same time, Amada can have at their disposal a large database that will be used to implement predictive maintenance services.

Why AWS?

Managing an enormous amount of information requires a robust and reliable system that is able to scale automatically as the user base increases. For Amada Engineering Europe, AWS proved to be the best choice, both technologically and economically: the need to perform agilely, integrating several teams of developers, allowed for the provision of different development, test and production environments, increasing the speed of development and keeping costs as low as possible.

The solution with beSharp

beSharp is collaborating with Amada Engineering Europe to develop a tailor-made solution that leverages the power and scalability of AWS’ Cloud services. The new infrastructure includes services such as API Gateway for REST Endpoints, Lambda Functions to run Cron Job, DynamoDB for collecting time series and CloudWatch Logs, combined with Elasticsearch, for aggregating and analysing logs in real time. beSharp is building the infrastructure using EC2 instances in conjunction with RDS services and Elastic Load Balancing for the web apps, S3 for hot storage and Glacier for long-term, low-cost data storage.

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