24/7 monitoring and support
for your AWS infrastructures

Sleep safe and sound while our Cloud Experts watch over your critical
services and applications for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


I have a dream…

Your online business is always on, no matter how late in the night it is, where you are or what you are celebrating for; keeping it always under control, up&running, is a task you can’t take the liberty to set aside

Exhausting, isn’t it? So, why doing it yourself? What if someone trustworthy could do it for you?

beSharp 24/7 support ensures you a continuous, proactive monitoring of your Cloud infrastructure so that you can dedicate yourself to your core business

24/7 monitoring and support for your AWS services

Even if Cloud Computing ensures you unique uptime and easiness of management, infrastructures need to be monitored and managed anyway.

That’s why we set up 24/7 monitor and support, specific for AWS infrastructures.

From now on you can count on the most experienced team in Cloud infrastructure management made up of AWS Certified Professionals working with DevOps approach.

AWS itself awarded beSharp with the Advance Partner status. This is a further guarantee to 24/7 monitoring, automation and proactive support solution we offer to our customers.

Are you ready to relax, relieved from your Cloud Infrastructure management tasks?


  • 24/7 monitoring and support
  • We take charge of your requests according to specific SLAs
  • Monitoring of AWS resources such as RDS, Elastic Load Balancing, API Gateway, Lambda, Redshift
  • Custom alarms designed specifically for each AWS service and infrastructure
  • Monitoring available for the most common enterprise applications
  • Centralized Ticketing Portal
  • Log collection and log analysis
  • Custom rules of engagement


  • Cross-region replica and geographic disaster recovery
  • Managed backups of EC2, RDS and other AWS services instances
  • Quarterly review of IAM rules and account access validation
  • Take charge of the most common issues (e.g. new users, firewall rules updates, security group changes, …)
  • Bug analysis and resolution
  • Ordinary maintenance and updates lead proactively
  • Maintenance and updates planning and implementation
  • Free initial assessment


  • 1st- and second-level support
  • Monitoring and support following Agile and DevOps paradigms
  • More than 2 AWS certifications for each 24/7 technician
  • Long-standing experience on AWS (more than 2 years) for each member of our support team
  • Real-time collaboration and phone support
  • Periodic report about Cloud services usage
  • Cloud services implementation best practices analysis and report
  • Periodic infrastructure security report


The support agreement you’re going to sign, written by our dedicated legal team, fits perfectly with european privacy agreement became law on May, 25 2018.


What they say about us...

beSharp è IL partner ideale

“beSharp si è occupata della nostra migrazione sul Cloud. Passare al supporto 24/7 è stata l’evoluzione naturale, siamo sicuri di mettere in buone mani la nostra infrastruttura.”

Luca Bianchi - CTO

“Il supporto 27/4 di beSharp ci garantisce un team di esperti che si prende cura della nostra piattaforma giorno e notte. Il monitoring è costante e proattivo e ha liberato il nostro team da questa incombenza.”

Fabrizio Napoli - COO

“Ci siamo affidati al supporto 24/7 di beSharp per tenere sotto controllo il funzionamento di tutte le risorse e dei servizi critici per la nostra attività. Adesso siamo sicuri che i nostri servizi siano sempre disponibili e al riparo da imprevisti.”

Claudio Torchia - Security Manager